5 Ways to Use Teleseminars As a Training Medium

Every once in a while I’ll get a question from someone that just doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s like they have missed the boat entirely. Or they haven’t been listening. But then I have to remind myself that sometimes it’s a matter of not really understanding the proper use of the words in the question.

Not too long ago one of my students asked just such a question of me. They were wondering what other ways you could use a teleseminar as a training medium.

Now the problem with that question of course is that a teleseminar isn’t a medium in the normal sense of the word. Or at least in the sense that was intended — this was a practical question not the start of a discussion of the various types of learning delivery.

In this article I’m going to answer the question that was intended rather than the one that was asked. So here are five ways to use “teleseminars” as a training medium.

1. As a teleseminar. No, I’m not being sarcastic. A teleseminar is a lecture or seminar provided over the telephone — generally using a conferencing service of some sort. (I did say the words were used wrong). So you can use a teleconference as a training medium by presenting a teleseminar. And yes, I could have said by providing a class or group instruction. But this was more fun!

2. As a coaching call. A teleseminar properly speaking is a formal training session with class participation over the phone. But frequently they are more lecture than seminar. A coaching call is a less formal session involving more question and answer or discussion time. It is a true seminar or tutorial. However, from a practical standpoint many coaching calls end up as teleseminars when the questions stop.

3. As a work review session. One of the methods of learning delivery is homework. Yes, that hated word — but it does have a purpose. And in order to gain the most from that purpose sometimes it is necessary to review the work performed. The result is similar to a coaching call but is more focused on questions and answers and less on discussions.

4. A teleconference (which is what we are really talking about) can be used for a workshop under certain conditions. Generally speaking it really doesn’t work well for that purpose. Why? Because a teleconference is an audio only media. As a result it is difficult to show people what they are expected to do. It is also difficult to do a walk-around and check that no problems are being experienced. However, in the case of soft skills and discussion based work it is possible to do a tele-workshop.

5. As the audio track for a webinar or video. This is an example just for the sake of heading off in another direction. A teleseminar or teleconference is an audio product. By recording it you can use it as the base for a number of different products. One of those potential products is as a webinar or video where the recording is the audio track.

Source by Glen Ford