7 Reasons Why You Need a Phone Append Service

Marketers, if you’re struggling to keep up with the maintenance of your database, remember you can go a long way with just a phone number. Utilising a phone append service helps you enhance your data and gain deeper insights into your target audience.


What can you do with just a phone number? 

1. Shorter fields in your sign up forms 

We all understand the struggle of wanting to gather enough information from your sign up forms, without causing headaches on your users. Keep your forms short and sweet. Determine what fields you need your prospects to fill out, and append the rest.

For example, include the full name, address, and email address fields. Hire a phone append service and use that information to gather the phone number.

2. Save time and money with validating numbers 

Good data quality comes with less double-checking, backtracking for mistakes, or worrying about if your data is accurate. Regular maintenance keeps your data at the highest quality.

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3. New ways to connect with your customers 

Appending a phone number to other customer data points opens new doors to connecting with your customers, such as telemarketing. This helps your chances of a better connection with your customers.

4. Reduce inaccurate and failed telemarketing calls

Every month about 3% of customer data becomes obsolete due to changing conditions. Updating a phone number saves you time, money, and ensures you are reaching your prospects.

5. Maintaining follow-up calls with customers 

When phone numbers are added, account managers and sales representatives have a better chance to follow up with customers. For example, a new sales rep inherits an old account. This account was created three years ago and hadn’t had a follow up in the last year. What are the chances that this contact has moved departments, or a new company in the previous year?

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6. Personalised Interaction helps improve your customer service experience

Despite the technology we have today, merely picking up the phone and talking to your customers gives a nice personalised human touch.

7. Phone numbers are unique identifiers.

If all you have for a contact is their phone number, you can utilize that to expand upon and gain deeper insights into your customers, such as adding a name, postal, email, financials, or even their interests like reading habits.

Think about how often people are changing jobs, getting married, and moving across state lines, but what often doesn’t change during these life events is their mobile phone number. Marketers can use phone numbers as a unique identifier to track their customer’s life-changing events, and never have to lose touch.