A Quick Tutorial On Telepathy

This is just a “simple guide to telepathy and mind reading”.

First, try imagining that you *are* the person you’re trying to send a message to or connect mentally to. Visualize your astral self leaving your own body and transferring to theirs. It’s sort of like acting or role playing, take some deep breaths and concentrate while visualizing yourself in your mind’s eye becoming that person and taking on their characteristics. In your mind’s eye, look down and imagine that you’re seeing their body from their point of view instead of yours. “Tell” them what you would like them to know from both your perspective and theirs. For instance if you would like them to call you, imagine that they’re thinking both “You must call me” and “I must call ” think that over and over again. Pretend that you are them and that you can feel their phone physically in your/their hand. See yourself (as them) doing the things that you think they would do and going the places you think they would go.

If you want to know what they’re thinking, that’s a bit harder to do. Personally I like to use with automatic writing. While I’m visualizing that I am that other person, I try automatic writing. Instead of channeling another spirit, I try channeling the thoughts of the person I am connecting to. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t.

I personally find the former easier to do. It takes some practice though. If you would like to try it, try practicing a few minutes every day. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work right away. It is also best to try when feeling relaxed and calm.

Source by M Deskins