Advantages of Using Mobile Apps in School Management

School Education plays an important role in the development of the country and presents facing many challenges in the field, such as communication, scheduling home works, student monitoring, and competition, etc. Now education has become completely advanced with mobile apps that come with wider experience on features and functions.


The communication bridge between parents and teachers has increased to focus on students learning systems. The enhancement of students’ capabilities is possible through the digitalization of mobile apps, as it can help students to get more information about subjects and concepts, where parents can interact with teachers on studies and progress reports. In some schools and colleges already these mobile apps are roaring and helping students and parents to get progress and many education apps are there in the app store.

Essential Features of School Mobile App

  • Sign-Up or Easy Registration
  • Push Notification
  • Event Announcement
  • Emergency Notification
  • Progress Monitoring Records
  • Payment Integration
  • Track Progress
  • Plans to Locate Daily Activities & Events
  • Diary/Calendar
  • Staff Records with One Touch Calling
  • Private Chatting

Teacher App Features

  • Payment Records
  • Event Announcement
  • Subject Boards
  • Interaction with Parents
  • Reliable Data Storage
  • Video Presentation
  • Home Work Assignments
  • Private Chatting

Advantages of Mobile App Development 

Mobile apps for Schools and Colleges have achieved a vast movement for the students, delivering the learning accessible through digitalization. The advanced technologies are influencing many schools to implement progressive methods. These mobile apps help students to engage more in learning methods through videos or in any manner. Here are some advantages of mobile app development adoption in Schools and colleges.

1. Parent-teacher interaction

The mobile app helps parents to interact with teachers regarding students’ performance, work assignments, and announcements. Parents can request a ticket for any queries at any time and anywhere in a transparent way.

2. Availability 24/7

Mobile apps are available all the time for any schedules, as parents can have interaction with teachers all the time and anywhere. Children can have custom and flexible time to reach their devices without effort.

3. eBooks And Online Study

These days, students are usually very affectionate of online education. This is where apps and record research apps come into the plot. These mobile apps help students to search for exact concepts by surfing on the app that makes them closer to any subject with video or image format.

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4. Saves Time and Money

Advanced mobile apps can bring schools cost reduction and supports to save time. The app provides simple access to school administrators for data distribution. This is especially helpful to transfer updates or inform parents when they cannot contact physically. The parents can also clearly interact with school management regarding students’ performance. Every Parents/Student gets updates on course enrollment, resumption times and news.

5. Modern Learning  

Education sectors arrived with new modern methods of teaching with the latest technologies like AR/VR apps. School management can upload a video format of teaching methods to teach visually. They can create fun games and brain improvement games in mobile apps that enhance student engagement in the studies.

Case Study

About Kalorex

Established in 1995, kalorex operating K-12 schools and provides pre-school segments. The organization has a mission to provide quality education for students and become one of the pioneers in the education industry. They hold various education institutes such as Calorx Public Schools, Calorx Olive International School, Kalorex Pre-Schools, Kinder Lounge, Prerna, Visamo Kids Foundation & Vedic.


Managing various branches of schools is quite hard that comes with a bulk of paperwork and documents on payments and attendance.

When this was performed for multiple schools this could lead to serious tasks. The kalorex decided to develop a mobile app that manages all the data of schools of various branches in an efficient manner.

The management is looking to develop a school management system that lets multiple schools can log in and can create special administration for every district. They want to develop an app that can track student’s progress allowing parents to login into the app.

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Solution and Features Delivered

Fusion Informatics understood the requirements of karorex and conducted research in order to sort out those underlying needs of school management requirements. The main objective of this needs to perform easily for them to manage all school records and understand more expert who my users would be, what difficulties they had, and to recognize market engagements.

Mobile App Development Solutions

We designed a draft for a roadmap to fulfill the requirements and developed a mobile app that can allow getting information about projects of the kalorex group and can use the parent portal to know children’s progress and can get easy updates and news about schools or any event announcements.

With the help of the app, parents can check progress, reports, and attendance of their children, etc. We created an app that allows teachers and parents to get a real-time notification through SMS or push notification on the mobile app.