How To Attract Gen Z With Your Mobile App

The technology advancing at a fast pace brings vast opportunities for mobile app development companies to attract and retain a large group of millennials and Gen Z, whose demands are increasing. Millennials are quickly getting replaced by Gen Z, thus compelling the mobile app developers to build more apps that appeal to this generation, because they are the future. Millennials are those born between the 1980s and in the middle of 1990s, who came in the era when digital technology was just emerging in this world.
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Gen Z, however, is the generation born when technology was already in the world, i.e., in the late 1990s. According to a report published by The Center For Generational Kinetics & WP Engine, Gen Z cannot survive without web access. It also says that 55% of individuals won’t go more than 5 hours without it, and 27% beyond 1. Gen Z presents a vast opportunity for mobile app designers. Their interest in technology and habits are way different from the millennials. Gen Y prefers transparency, flexibility, and authenticity in the apps, while Gen Z prefers security, privacy, and speed.
Generation Z has no tolerance for congested interfaces and long loading times. If your app is defective or even a bit rough, you’ll lose them. This generation has to be kept in mind before developing apps because the future of the mobile app economy relies on them.
What Should Your Mobile App Be Like For Gen Z?
Fun Mobile Interactions
It’s essential to consider how people will use your app instead of thinking about how you want them to use it. For Gen Z, the kind of behavior your app encourages is essential. Gen Z is very well aware of the risks and drawbacks of having their presence on the digital platform. Hence, if, as a developer, you offer a mobile app with in-built safeguards that keep things entertaining, you are more likely to attract and retain a loyal following.
Social Apps and In-App Communication

People say that emails will die in years to come, but the figures have never gone down. The estimated email users were 3.7 billion in 2017, and the statistics are anticipated to go up to 4.1 billion by 2021. But email use appears to be dying amongst Gen Z users, whereas old users still use many emails. So why is Gen Z more into mobile communication than old users?
Gen Z finds it more convenient to use a modern mobile app design than an older mouse and keyboard. They are more likely to do everything with apps because they grew up in that era. Moreover, Gen Z has a different communicating style overall. For old users, Facebook is a focal point where they chat, share pictures, update friends on their activities, connect with brands, read the latest stories, and more. For Gen Z, they do not need a focal point. In fact, they prefer a variety of apps for different purposes. For instance, they use Snapchat to stay connected with their friends, but they also post on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and other apps.
Speed is Highly-Important
This might as a surprise to you, but while Gen Y has the attention span of 12 seconds, Gen Z has an even shorter attention span, i.e., about 8 seconds. This means that they want everything right away. Gen Z is even more impatient and can’t wait for your apps to load.
Instant is the word best used for this generation. Hence, if you are developing an app for this generation, it is especially important to create an app that functions flawlessly and offers quick viewing and content sharing.
Simplicity is Appreciated
This generation appreciated simplicity, flawless design, and despise any unnecessary complications. They want great convenience and ease of delivery. The poor design has also been the 3rd most common reason for Gen Z to remove an app. Hence, to attract Gen Z to keep your app bug free and simple.
The top app design balances UX and UI design to develop a beautiful product that performs well. You should have aesthetics and features if you want your users to come back for more. It begins with colors and fonts you pick for your app project. Be uniform when it comes to features in your app’s interface to avoid confusion.
Impeccable Mobile App Design

Gen Z has high expectations when they use your app. Gen Z has the lowest tolerance level than its predecessors. They are reluctant to select and drag something that they could push with their thumb. They are unwilling to navigate two menus when one could do. Lastly, they hate waiting. They love simplicity and speed. Even though your app has fewer features, that’s okay, but it should be flawless and bug-free. Also, it is essential to keep your app updated time and again to render a pleasant user experience for this purpose.
Give Steering to the User
Gen Z is well-aware and concerned about their online personas impacting their personal brand, which is a bit of a contrast from their ancestors. They like apps such as VSCO and Snapchat, which renders them an ability to take in charge of the media their way. Also, as per the research, 63% of Gen Z users are concerned about their privacy and security as they do digital payment using their debit and credit cards, this is higher than the 58% of millennials.
Gen Z Is The Future
Gen Z has its own taste and is challenging for developers and designers. Gen Z is continuously and quickly coming to their own; that’s why the modern-day developer needs to develop an app considering them into the picture. As much as challenging they are, they also present tremendous opportunities. They comprise 25% of the US’s total mass, and 85% of them already own smart devices. This reason itself is adequate for top app developers in USA today and for the future to sit up and notice this emerging generation group.