The Importance of Video Marketing Services

Video marketing solutions are suitable for each phase of the buyer journey starting from increasing awareness about your business offerings, then increasing interest in available products or services to encouraging viewers to complete desired conversions like online purchases and also suitable for remarketing campaigns that aim to increase customer retention rate.
Video marketing

Hiring a professional media agency to create video marketing content for your business is a critical decision that will offer your business unlimited chances to achieve many business goals including but not limited to:

Increasing Awareness & Exposure Levels

More than 80% of consumers prefer videos over of any type of content related to brands as video content is easily consumed, digested and can be a part of the daily activity either watching videos on their mobiles, sharing video on their social media accounts or sharing video content with their friends related to their interests.

One of video marketing content advantages is that you can tell your business story, discuss your brand values, increase awareness about your business offering of products or services, sharing your business updates in an appealing video content that guarantee increasing exposure levels as videos receive %1200 “12x” shares more than other content types on digital platforms.

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Boosting Desired Types of Engagement

Video marketing content transforms the targeted audience from being viewers to engaged potential customers as 90% of customers rely on promotional and educational videos to guide their buying journey by increasing knowledge about how products or services promoted will satisfy their personal or business needs or not.

Embedding videos in your website landing pages of available products or services will not only improve your persuasion level but will increase completed desired conversions including purchases of products, subscription on services or at least contacting your business immediately.

Educating your Business Potential Customers

Motion graphics “animated” videos or “how-to” educational videos are efficient video marketing choices to educate viewers “targeted potential customers” about your business in details, simplifying complex marketing messages for services like financial or technological services and demonstrating how to use promoted products efficiently to satisfy their needs and that’s was our solution to simplify our client “Telehealth Solutions” technological health solutions.

Increasing Trust in your Business

Social proof is critical for the success of any marketing or advertising campaign as customers rely on others’ experiences and reviews to trust any promoted products or services.

Video marketing content is beneficial for increasing trust in dealing with your business by creating reviews and testimonial videos of customers and influencers describing their experience of dealing with your business and how your products helped them to satisfy their needs highlighting their competitive advantages.

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Empowering Different Marketing Campaigns

Integrating video marketing solutions in different marketing campaigns either offline or online content marketing campaigns will lead to an exceptionally positive impact in your marketing campaigns’ results.

Search engine optimization “SEO” processes will drive 53x better results through using SEO-optimized videos in your business website landing pages as they increase each user visit duration, decrease bounce rate as a result for increased engagement, incorporate targeted keywords in videos’ titles and descriptions which are positive indicators for search engine to achieve higher ranking in targeted search results which also display many video results.

mproving Online Advertising Campaigns

Digital advertising solutions are targeted affordable cost-effective advertising options that enable businesses to reach potential customers and encourage them to engage with customized advertising campaigns using suitable content formats.

As we know that video marketing content drives the highest level of engagement and fortunately all digital advertising platforms offer the option to create customized conversion-optimized video advertising campaigns including:

Choosing video marketing formats for your business digital advertising campaigns is a rewarding effective choice whether your goal is to increase awareness & reach or encourage potential customers to engage with your business.

Delivering the Desired ROI

Investing in professional video marketing services is a decision that made the desired impact for many businesses when they produce and publish creative professional customized video content for motion graphics promotional videos, HD & ultra-quality brand videos, educational informational videos, 360° video marketing content and offline & online advertising content that encourage viewers to engage with your business through shares, comments, calls, messages, visiting your website or your business branches as what happened for our client “Ibnsina Pharma” by using interactive videos in social media marketing campaigns.