Top Mobile App Development Myths Demystified

Myths Mobile apps are the need of the hour, and after all, we need something to feed billions of smartphones, which can’t survive without the apps. Be it a business or an individual idea, mobile apps can bring quick success. They connect clients with your products or services offered through an app.


Mobile apps must be considered as an enterprise-wide strategy, but the mobile app development process is treated as a standalone project. But many people get stuck even before trying their hands on a mobile app because several myths are making the rounds in the app industry and very little information is available about the topic. In turn, these common mobile app development myths de-motivate businesses from building their mobile apps. And even if they do, they do it without proper research, thus seeing failure.

Popular Myths About Mobile App Development

Many of the common mobile app development myths mentioned in this article have been lingering on for eternity, which may hinder you from getting started with the app development process. Therefore, stay clear of all the uncertainty and get ready to develop your first mobile app.

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Myth 1: An Idea is All You Need

There is always an excellent idea behind a successful business, and mobile app development is no different. If you are up to get your first app developed, make sure to carve out a unique and feasible idea that can be scalable and practical enough to be implemented in line with the mobile app development trends.

Every year, many people come up with fantastic app ideas in the various app growth conferences, but at the end of the year, only a handful of them are able to make through the other side of the tunnel.

Also, the idea should closely resonate with the mobile app budget because, with different types of app, the budget fluctuates and budgeting mistakes are common in the app development process. So, make sure to bridge the gap between app idea and budget.

Myth 2: Mobile App Development is all About Coding

It’s one of the top myths regarding app development. Some people think that mobile app development is all about writing codes; however, it is beyond that. Coding is a basic need to build Android and iOS apps, but many other factors go into the making of a decent app, which includes graphics, user experience, high efficiency, and many years of experience.

Also, the developers should be aware of the latest mobile app marketing trends, technology, hardware advancements, and updated tactics. To make it perfect, there is a requirement of different kinds of toolkits, languages, data sources and backend systems as every single case is different.

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Myth 3: You Can Develop the First Mobile App Version With Ease

With robust mobile app development frameworks and tools in hand, many of you must have this notion in mind that building an app is a simple juggling of the codes, but that’s not the case.

The complete process of mobile app development involves multiple stages like blueprint creation, UI/UX design, features listing, coding for various platforms, beta testing, and more. Hence, with all these elements, it can even take a year to develop a well-performing app.

Also, the scalability and app requirements play a significant role in deciding the overall complexity of the mobile app.

Myth 4: App Store Optimization Effort Will Do The Trick

Right after the app development, the app is all set to be listed in the app stores and to get a better ranking, the best practices of the app store optimization should be followed. Technically, it will rank your app on top of the list.

Interestingly, there is much more than blindly following the app store optimization. The way you display your app to the audience and how much your app relates to the description of the app are also equally crucial for a better ranking.