What Camera Suits You?

In today’s generation, almost anybody holds any camera wherever they may go. There are photography enthusiast buying expensive cameras with top of the line features including all the bells and whistles. There are the adventurous type buying with features that are for all-weather and shock proof. There are those who have high social lifestyle and they just need a small camera that is easy to be retrieved from a purse. And there are those buying cell phones with built-in cameras which are not bad and are getting more hi-tech every month. So for you, what type of camera do you need? The basis for buying a camera should be based on feature, functionality, your needs, and cost. Let us tackle a DSLR, a point-and-shoot, and a camera phone.

If you want really stunning pictures with all the effects that professionals use. Well a DSLR type is what you need. It can be a bit expensive, but like any gadget, it has a wide variety of accessories that can support you on whatever subject you want to shoot. DSLR or Digital Single-lens Reflex uses a mechanical mirror to direct light from the lens to the viewfinder. It allows an accurate preview not just from the LCD at the back. It has an interchangeable lens that allows you to get a closer look for macro sizes or up to wide angles for landscapes. The flash can be supported by other external flashes or accessories that can help you bounce the light in other surfaces, so that your picture will not be overexposed or have harsh lighting. If you think you can handle all the features and learn how to use a DSLR then go for it. You don’t have to be a professional to own this kind of camera. There are a lot of digital photography tutorials out there that can help you to learn it.

Do you want something light on both physically and on your pocket? Well a compact camera or a Point-and-Shoot camera is for you. This is a very easy to use camera with all the automatic features such as autofocus, shooting modes, pre-programmed scene modes. They also have built-in flash already. As the name implies, you will literally just point and shoot. The quality of your picture may depend on the model of what compact camera you will buy. The higher the resolution, the better your pictures will effortlessly deliver. There are also models that readily offer what a DSLR can do like ultra wide angles, miniature effects, and different color settings like sepia. The physical features of a compact camera are light weight; some are weather and shock proof; and clear LCD as viewfinder. There are those that have LCD on the front so you can take pictures of yourself. So if you are not particular of shooting your subjects and your purpose is to have a handy camera that you can bring everywhere you go a point-and-shoot camera is for you.

More than just picture-taking, a camera phone is basically like a compact camera. The camera here is not that much hi-tech since the focus of this king of product is the cell phone. But don’t underestimate cell phones these days, because as you go for the newest and expensive ones, they can offer premium camera with it. There are models that even offer HD quality in terms of still pictures or video. This type is so great with easy sharing features because you can readily upload all your shots in social networks, email, or even multimedia messaging. So if you are just a busy person and you need more of a gadget that is all in one, you might want to invest in a cell phone with a built-in camera.

I already made a quick comparison of the types of cameras you can purchase. These are the DSLR for those would-be professionals, a point-and-shoot that is the next best thing in terms of quality and price, and there is the camera phone where functionality of each of its feature offers. I personally have a camera phone, my husband has a DSLR as he is an enthusiast, and my siblings have point-and-shoot cameras. Sharing in the family is easy so it’s like having all three and choosing depends on the occasion. How about you, what do you prefer?

Source by Jill Sicat