When and How to Replace a Used iPhone 2G Motherboard

Just as with any computer, the motherboard of an iPhone is the control center. Just like with any computer, when the motherboard is shot, the entire device will cease to function. There are many ways that a motherboard can be ruined, not the least of which includes spilling some kind of liquid on the device, dropping the device in liquid, dropping the device in general, otherwise subjecting the device to a great deal of physical force, or, general wear and tear. Electronics with motherboards that are heavily used for many years can naturally need upgrading. That’s why Apple was smart to create products that allow for the easy replacement of the motherboard in the case of their demise, or in the instance that someone would like a simple upgrade.

Also known as the ‘logic board’ when it comes to the iPhone, when it’s time for a replacement, you’ll know. Generally, when the phone stops turning on, when the screen constantly freezes, or when it permanently freezes while starting up or even while performing a regular task, it can mean the motherboard is gone. Many people do a home repair when this happens by using a used iPhone 2G motherboard as a replacement part. While it’s possible to send the phone back to the manufacturer for a quick fix, the price tag that comes along with it can give many iPhone users an unpleasant shock. Buying a used iPhone 2G motherboard and installing it oneself can save lots of money, but isn’t for the faint of heart.

On a scale of 1 to 10, as far as difficultly of iPhone parts replacements go, a used iPhone 2G motherboard is not amongst the most challenging. With few extra special tools required, and no soldering, it looks fairly simple. Many people today are technologically inclined enough to do it with no trouble, especially with the help of an online tutorial. Remember, however, that if you are feeling the least bit uneasy about sticking a used iPhone 2G motherboard in your phone, that it will save time and money in the long run to have it done by a pro!

Finding a used iPhone 2G motherboard is the easy part, as there are many available online. Simply search for the required part in any search engine, and see what prices come up. This particular part may not come cheap, but taking away installation costs, or the cost of a new part, can make a used iPhone 2G motherboard look like a bargain! The beauty of buying used parts via the online community is that trading around parts keeps them out of landfills. Even recycling parts with a recycling center is not as efficient as using the parts to fix up and refurbish the iPhones of other. Become a part of something bigger than yourself, and get some cash back too by throwing in the towel and selling your damaged iPhone online for cash! If not, use the same sources to buy the part you need like a used iPhone 2G motherboard.

Source by Tom Lasky